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Team #23 is a Finnish racing team racing with a Datsun 240Z FIA homologated car following Datsun factory car, Omori no23, legendary recipe. Our goal is to find performance for the driver and car to compete with faster Porsche Carrera RS’s in the same FIA-age period.

Our Datsun race cars has brought us together with many Datsun brand fanatics in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, England and France just to name a few.

It is not a secret that power in an L6 engine is hidden in the cylinder head. Please check what secrets our Japanese engine expert PAMS Japan ( likes to share in our page titled L6 head project.

We are the European dealer of these performance cylinder heads. Please contact us if you like to get your 240Z to the next level in driving joy.

Team #23 Racing is a group of race experienced Datsun fanatics in Finland. We have Datsun 510 history ever since it first came to Finland 60’s. In 2014, we started to live our dream by a 2-door, FIA historic 510 race car following the winning recipe Peter Brock’s famous #46 Datsun 510 showed us.

Our 2-door 510 with number #45, is a great project. We got the most out of our Trans Am replica: It won three series Championships here in Finland during seasons 2018, 2019 and 2020, every year we took part.

With our 510, we got a challenge to beat: We raced in the same starts with cars like fast American muscle cars and Porsche Carrera RS etc. On technical circuits 510 was always next after them but soon we realized that a faster car was needed.

We looked thru FIA homologation documents and noticed a new option: a faster Datsun could be prepared from a 240Z model for FIA H-period (1972-1975). Team 23 Racing started a new challencing project. Our recipe for car development is the famous Datsun Omori factory car #23 from 1973. Datsun 240Z was a fast car but Porsche RS was the car which set the pace on circuits. Our challenge was set: FIA H-period Porsche RS vs FIA H-period Datsun 240Z.

Contact information
Team #23 Racing is an auxilary business name of Audio Riders Oy (VAT: FI02140189) founded in 1978.
We are located within 30mins from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.